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List items for Rent or Sale

Sprucy makes listing items for rent or sale as user friendly as possible! Simply snap a photo of the item you are looking to rent out or sale, upload it using our mobile responsive web application from your browser, on either a smart phone or computer, enter the description, price point and wait for fast approval from Sprucy to begin renting or selling your item(s).

Customize your Sprucy profile store

Sprucy is bringing life back into online shopping where innovation and creativity are what separates Sprucy from any other peer to peer ecommerce platforms with making shopping an online experience! Customize your profiles, add music to add a store mood, add a custom background to your profile store, add a profile header. With more features coming very soon!

Get reassurance that items you are renting are of quality

After items are rented from sprucy profile stores, rentees will be incentivized to not only take pictures of themselves wearing the items they rented, but also will leave a review. Our rating/review system will give 100% reassurance that items you are looking to rent out are the best choice for you.

Sprucy makes shipping items simple

When an item get sold or rented on your Sprucy profile store, we will provide you with the pre-paid USPS, pre-addressed label so that its ready to be put directly on the USPS box you get with the transaction. An additional label will be put in the box for rental transactions to receive the item back at the end of the 4 or 8 day rental period. Once the item has been boxed up, drop it off at USPS. Simple.