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Sprucy is the world’s 1st ever peer to peer online web application that will allow users around the United States to BUY, SELL & or RENT fashionable Apparel & Accessories. Sprucy allows social media influencers to further monetize their fame by offering their fans a chance to dress just like them for low cost, while also providing everyday consumers with outlet to generate secondary income from items sitting in their closet.

Sprucy offers an engaging, feature rich platform for renters, buyers and sellers with bringing back life into how online shopping should be. Sprucy’s HUGE differentiator here is, RENTING. Simply create a profile, with a few simple details and begin renting out clothes/items you hold so dear to your heart that you don’t want to let go completely but why not make money off of the items sitting in your closet for 50% of the year. Our platform is also a facilitator in hosting retail companies/boutiques that are finally ready to open up the flood gates for renting their inventory vs selling it.

Our mission is to provide everyday people with a new way of creating secondary income from items already sitting in their closet. Everyone has an amazing Dress, Suit, Ugly Sweater, Halloween Costume, pair of jeans, or jacket that they love. Let items you touch so little throughout the year be worn by others. Why not rent out your items for low 4/8 day price points to others around the U.S, and lets Sprucy do the magic as you grow your store with more inventory every day. Sprucy is a show stopping platform that offers the best of both worlds, which is selling/renting clothing and accessories.

Our goal is that every day consumers can now find good quality, low priced items right away without the hassle of long searching. Simply narrow your search for an item using our user friendly search filters, narrow your search by choosing a specific radius from your home town and VOILA!, Sprucy allows you to find your item FAST, and LOCALLY in your home town if needed for same day local pick up or it can easily be shipped to you via USPS for 4/8 day price point when doing rental transactions or purchasing.

Here at Sprucy, we know FASHION when we see it. Every item that is sold or rented on our platform is individually approved by our team for quality assurance before it’s publically listed. Rest assured that every item is being vetted for the best and absolute experience when purchasing an item or renting an item from our renting/selling stores.

Founder and CEO

Joe Haro

A highly energetic, strong opinionated, and fiscally conscious risk taker who thrives at creative problem
Solving and innovation, Joe Haro is bringing SaaS fashion innovation to the world and will take no mercy
to obstacles standing in his way. With many years in retail working at Guess Inc., Urban Outfitters, and Fossil Group Inc., along with being a top performer in sales at his prior position for a SaaS based Company called ExakTime, he is bringing the two worlds together into a major show stopping venture to help spread fashion awareness by showing consumers how to make money themselves while shopping affordably at the same time. Joe Haro has also worked extensively with celebrities and high net worth individuals as a Personal Executive Assistant/ Estate Manager, which has motivated him to achieve success in any venture he undertakes.